Quadruple your value as a session singer and learn more skills for your artistry.  

Earn higher rates as a session singer by learning the secret vocal techniques behind some of pop music's biggest stars. 

Learn how to self arrange and produce your own vocals.


Attending Windy Wagner’s most recent “Art of Pop Vocal Workshop” Truly blew my mind. I learned a ton! If you’re producing your own vocals or need to update your skills, this class is a must attend.”

— Jamila Ford, the Working Singer Podcast Professional Singer

Taking Windy’s Pop Vocal Production Masterclass was nothing short of life changing for me. From learning vocal technique all the way to ghosting this class will give you the tools you need in order to succeed. Windy gives extremely honest hey loving feedback. She is amazing at pulling out what YOU didn’t even know was there. You get to meet other vocalist as well and network and that’s HUGE in this business. As a result of Windy’s class I have been on multiple sessions where I had the ability to tap into what I have learned through her class. This knowledge is not something that you learn and never use it’s the exact opposite! So many things that others assume comes naturally was learned and refined by Windy’s class. If you desire to have a career as a Pop Star, Pop Background Vocalist or a Pop Session Singer you NEED this class. Lastly, it is perfect to put on your resume! Windy has worked with a plethora of Music Industry Professionals and her name holds weight! Getting her stamp of approval is truly something that will help you immensely. ”

— Adam Wilson, Professional Singer

When it comes to the music business, WHO you learn from is just as important as WHAT you learn. It’s crucial that you find and learn from the best teachers. What makes Windy stand out is not only her seemingly endless list of accolades and acocmplishments, but her devotion to helping other artists as well. At her seminars, she teaches you what would be expected at vocal sessions, and coaches each individual person's voice until they are able to sing at that standard. Every time you gain more knowledge, you add to your value and your leverage. If you understand the language, if you know what the other people on the team are doing, if you are aware of how to bring the best value to each session, you are going ot be an artist that people are going to want to work with. Windy really takes the time to teach you these lessons. She is supportive, caring, funny, and - of course - amazingly talented! I will never listen to songs the same way again!”

— Hannah Finestone

Windy’s Pop Vocal Production workshop is a total game changer for anyone who wants to expand their knowledge of pop techniques as a singer AND as a vocal producer. From Streisand to Spears, Windy’s wealth of experience and knowledge crosses into a variety of styles and techniques even just within the Pop genre itself. Windy has a way of engaging and instructing people that is encouraging, constructive, and incredibly informative. The intimate sized workshop allows for each person taking it to get individual time on the mic and one-on-one couching from Windy herself. As a singer, and as someone who records and produces vocals, Windy has helped me learn how to “find the right sound” in a variety of Pop settings, as well as when and how to utilize different techniques to achieve it. ”

— Connor Smith, Professional Singer

I was always told to “stop trying to sound like other people” and “just be yourself”, but Windy showed me that I CAN use my abilities for doubling and even empowered us to explore more! I never knew how much an explosive consonant could make such a dramatic difference! I am now working to reframe my “normal” to include this and be more aware during my sessions. Working with Windy was not only fun but so incredibly helpful! She knows what shes talking about and empowers you to discover even the little things and tricks that will help set you apart. Windy is a gem and everyone NEEDS to take this class. I was hired for a session by a producer before and then right after her session...he was extremely happy with the tools I incorporated from her class into our second session.”

— Brooke Weirick, Professional Singer

It’s rare for me to be enthralled by somebody and I think I had drop jaw most of this workshop, listening, learning, and taking notes. I heard about Windy sooooo many times over 10yrs and everyone has said she was the best of the best and had sung her praises no pun intended. But really!!!!! She was someone I respect and want to follow and try to be like both as a person and as a singer. The workshop was a bucket list day for me that I didn’t realize I even had. A full circle moment almost like dejavu. I would mock Britney Spears with my college roommate and would get free drinks when I’d sing at karaoke to get the bar hyped. After college I became a substitute teacher at a public high school. The only way I could get the kids to bring a pencil or do anything and be quiet was to bribe them with my Britney impersonation at the end of class. To be recording in a kick ass studio, singing a Britney line along with Windy was a full circle OMG...moment for me. I went home and was like did that really just happen??? ”

— Stephanie Phillips, Professional Singer

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